Wednesday, 8 August 2018

getting bunnies

Name baxtor.
1.asking when are we getting bunnies.
2.getting a cage for the bunnies.
3.playing with the bunnies.

Getting bunnies
When we left school I asked my mom when are we getting bunnies. My mom said we all ready have bunnies I said no we don't she said they are in the boot. I looked in the boot there was a box I looked in side there were little bunnies in the boot the bunnies a so cute we had a shiny pink collar. For the girl bunny there is two i said they were so cute i wanted to lift one. When we got home I got to walk one it was amazing. We bought a cage they were so cute running in there cage. I patted one it was fluffy it felt like a fluffy cloud. It was so soft we called the girl nibbles we called the boy sniper. they have small poops I said to my mom. One pood on me it was so gross. They looked like a fluff ball. One of them were going in the bushes after that we breand them in side they ran behind the big tv. They were snuggling to giver it was so cute i lifted one up it was so cool.

Monday, 6 August 2018

my voki

 I have to be kind at the p.e shed..
I enjoyed learning about how to respect the monitors at the p.e shed.
I found it challenging to not kick the ball away when getting it given to me.
My next steps for my learning is to practice my manners at the p.e shed.

Thursday, 2 August 2018


when they wright a blog post smart learners always include new ideas and write what they enjoy and why. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

my dad is super

My dad is super He is the best. He das super hugs. He saves me. He cooks good. He das the best kisses. I love him. He is awesome. He is amazing. He is spectacular. He is cool. He is fast. He always says hi to other People and me. He das the best songs on the radio. I love him. I love you dad For ever.

recycling centar

Thursday, 31 May 2018

going to the arcade

 1.we were driving to the arcade.
2.going on the playground.
3.playing game
Going to the arcade
Woosh we were speeding to the arcade the car was so fast that I didn't know that we were already there.When we opened the door it sounded like there was a group of elephants stomping past. It was so cold in side it was like I was gone to was so loud that I couldn't hear anything. It was so loud that I felt like my airs were gone to pop of. I wanted it to stop.

we payed for the playground. We zoomed in side of the playground I went on the amazing flying was fun a went down the dark slide I was spinning around it was like  I was going in a dark deep cave.then I went on the fast small was awesome. I  went on the big touch screen that was on the wall.

When we were dane on the playground we went to go play a game I played a american football game it was so fun my mom said “good job” then we played a bug game that you have to step on the little balls when they lite up.

After all of the games we spent awe tickets I got some rainbow marshmallows and green nuggets and a splatter ball after we choose are prize After that we went home.