Wednesday, 8 August 2018

getting bunnies

Name baxtor.
1.asking when are we getting bunnies.
2.getting a cage for the bunnies.
3.playing with the bunnies.

Getting bunnies
When we left school I asked my mom when are we getting bunnies. My mom said we all ready have bunnies I said no we don't she said they are in the boot. I looked in the boot there was a box I looked in side there were little bunnies in the boot the bunnies a so cute we had a shiny pink collar. For the girl bunny there is two i said they were so cute i wanted to lift one. When we got home I got to walk one it was amazing. We bought a cage they were so cute running in there cage. I patted one it was fluffy it felt like a fluffy cloud. It was so soft we called the girl nibbles we called the boy sniper. they have small poops I said to my mom. One pood on me it was so gross. They looked like a fluff ball. One of them were going in the bushes after that we breand them in side they ran behind the big tv. They were snuggling to giver it was so cute i lifted one up it was so cool.

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  1. Hi Baxtor,
    I really like your google drawing of your bunny.
    DO you think you can edit your post so your writing can fit on one page.

    Keep up the great digital work.
    Miss Wallis


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